Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The I Hate my Sister Scarf: PATTERN

The I Hate My Sister Scarf, PATTERN:

First I really dont hate my sister, shes just...horribly annoying, obnoxious and all things that sisters tend to be. anyway on with the pattern!

WW Yarn
Red Heart Black, and Red Heart Shaded browns
5.5mm Hook

CH 220 turn
with COLOR A (Shaded Browns)SC in each chain across turn,
with COLOR B(Black) and HDC in each SC across,turn
with COLOR A(Shaded Browns), DC in each Chain across, turn
with COLOR B(black), DC in each chain across, turn (ALTERNATIVE: TRIPLE CROCHET)
with COLOR A(Shaded browns) DC in eacn chain across, turn
with color B(black) HDC in each chain across, turn
with color A(shaded browns) SC in each chain across, end and weave in ends.

You can easily mix the stitches up the different sized stitches.

Fringe: easy just take about 8 inch lenghts of yarn (I did three sets of 5 eight inch lengths, you can do more or less) and loop on where you'd like. I just aimed for the ends and middle ^.^


Anonymous said...

Nice Pattern!

I hate my sister too! Greedy, selfish, self-centered B***h! Sorry but she is!

Anonymous said...

I left town 30 years ago because my sister busted my lip, blackened my eye and broke the rear view mirror on my car. Then when I was there earlier this year, she walked into the bedroom where I was sleeping and let loose a tirade about how I am IMPOSSIBLE to be around because one has to be on their Ps and Qs. R-I-G-H-T. The truth was that there were some serious legal problems going on in her family, she didn't want to admit it and so she lashed out at me. I have tried to be open and honest with her but there are parts of her life that she will never discuss. I think it is because she never really liked me in the first place. Any of you have simlar experiences?

Shelly said...

Awesome pattern! Thank you!

Anne said...

Love the pattern! I have an annoying sister, too.