Monday, February 11, 2008

For The Snow Scarf PATTERN

For the snow scarf pattern:
WW yarn, red heart Earth and Sky were the colors I used.
9MM hook.

scarf body:
Chain 21, turn
SC in second ch from hook and in each ch across (20 SC)
repeat until length desired minus fringe and about 2 inches.
CH 2 Turn, 1 puff stitch (with 5 DC) CH 1, repeat 10 times.

(I'll get to the other row of puffs in the beginning, just know you do NOT start with a row of puffs, you add both rows of puff stitch on AFTER you have finished all the SC and woven in your ends from that)

turn, chain 20, skip 3 puffs, slip stitch
turn, chain 20, skip 4 puffs, slip stitch
turn, chain 20, skip final 3 puffs and slip stitch to end.

now heres where it gets a bit confusing, I'll include a picture to show how i did this (i honestly could not figure out ANY other way to do it)

Step 1:
chain 10, slip stitch to the other 10th chain or peak.

Step 2:
chain 20, slip stitch to 10 chain in the skip 4 puffs group.

Step 3:
chain 20, slip stitch to final 10th chain in the last peak.

Now for the row of puffs on the other end. Reminder, you're going to be going into you're original chain 20 so if you aren't really used to working into the other side of the chain it may be a bit difficult. however heres how i did it:
join in yarn like you would when changing colors, chain one(that should ensure you have a ch 2, if not, make sure you have a ch 2) and continue across with the steps for the puffs and the fringe above.

cut 5 pieces of yarn per tassel to 8 inches, fold over and loop onto your chains. If you have any questions email me at and I will try and get back to you the best I can and help as best I can.

Finishing (optional):

take a soft bristle brush and brush one side of the scarf to soften the yarn and make it look fuzzy, you can do both sides or none at all, (i was in a hurry so only did one side, plus my arm got tired of brushing the scarf =\)

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