Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pot holders

Alright I made some potholders for my grandma for Christmas, and I've decided to post up a pattern. Its not very specific and I'm sorry about that but I really didn't count my stitches.
If you think you can make some money off these, go ahead and sell them, gift them whatever, I just ask that the PATTERN not be sold and anyone seeking the Pattern see this post.

These pot holders are made in two parts then crocheted together to make one.

Part One:
Materials Per Pot Holder: 1/2 ball Peaches and Creme yarn in your choice of color. (I chose Faded Denim), 1 3.75mm (F) Hook.

If you don't know how to make a granny square see this:

Chain 5 connect, blah blah blah, make 7 total rounds for the granny square 3 DC per "shell". If you want to make a tighter granny square use HDC but you may need to do 8 rounds if you do that. * the Peaches and Creme yarn works up pretty tight in an HDC and fine for a pot holder if you just want to do that.*

Finish off and weave in end(s).
Part 2:
Materials Per Pot Holder: about 1/2 (maybe 1 extra yard) Peaches and Creme 100% cotton yarn in a color of your choice (I chose Camel). 1 3.75mm (F) hook.

This is the part where I guessed and estimated!
using a double base chain(see here
OR a regular chain. Chain from corner to corner of your granny square, (i THINK mine was around 30-35 stitches, im not positive)
chain one, turn.
*Single crochet in each stitch till the end, chain 1 turn.*
repeat from *-* until you get an approximate same size as your granny square (your rows logically should match your original chain ammout but again I DID NOT COUNT).
If you're backing starts to curl DONT WORRY it will flatten out when you join the squares.

(but weave in the other end from your chain)

To join the squares together line them up (if they don't match perfectly you should be able to stretch one enough to match them up thats what I did.) and take the corner you just finished on the backing, and chain one.
turn and single crochet through BOTH squares all the way around the square.

When you get to the first crochet stitch you did you can slip stitch them together if you'd like or you don't have to. I slip stitched on one pot holder but not the other.
do not finish off or cut your yarn yet.

The Loop!
The loop is actually really simple.
chain 13 and slip stitch around the corner to one or two stitches away.
turn chain 13 again and slip stitch to the same stitch your original chains came from.
turn and going through the loop, not into the chains, do 14 single crochet around both chains

then slip stitch to the border. (you dont have to if you like the way it looks without it I did on one and I didn't on the other.)

finally finish off and weave in your ends!

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