Thursday, February 14, 2008

The ever confusing stripey squishey blanket (of doom)

I'm not sure if I'm just really weird (highly likely) or if this happens to other people too. I'm currently knitting an afghan in garter stitch in strips, with Wool Ease Thick & Quick. I've noticed with the navy strips, I have no problems, my tension is even, and I can knock out the full strip in just about an hour.

However...the green(Lemongrass) strips, are entirely different. I cannot sit and knit through the whole strip. I knit a row, get up walk around my house a bit, sit back down and knit another row and repeat, effectively taking me about 10 hours to complete a strip. I imagine that that is a large part of my tension issues, but even on the one or two occasions that I have sat down and sat through the whole strip, my tension is still wonky.

I don't usually pay attention to my knitting when I knit the navy stripes, I just sit and knit, and don't really look at it until I'm nearing the end of the stripe and need to cast off. But with the green stripes its almost like i pay too much attention to my tension and wind up attempting to ensure proper tension so I wind up with really wonky tension from all the tightening then not paying attention then tightening again.

WHY THE GREEN. o.O I must be just very weird.

Completely random post I realize by the way.

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