Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mom's Lapghan finished!

I finished my moms lapghan about 20 minutes ago and hand washed it and am now in the process of blocking it. If it isn't fully dry by the time I go to bed then I will post pictures tomorrow. I've been slacking a bit I know, but theres been alot of stress around here lately.

The other afghan I had been working on is now about half frogged. Two more stripes left to frog. I'm restarting on it before this one is fully frogged but thats because it is a two strand afghan and I'm going to be making a one strand afghan so me and my Bf have to seperate the yarn and ball it as we frog. Hopefully I can update later on tonight with pictures for you. I still have to wash and block my sister's scarves but I'll post pictures before I do that.

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