Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pictures and Ravelry OH MY!

Well lets start off with pictures since I know I've been slacking on that. Theres mom's lapghan, I don't have any measurements on it because I couldn't find a tape measure, but that's on my queen sized bed so that should give you some idea of size. (ignore the trash bags on the floor, there there from blocking last night.) And here's a close up picture so you can see the colors a bit better.
The blue and brown scarf is A's scarf, and the Brown and white scarf is J's scarf. (also known as the I hate my sister Scarf). A's is kinda short for a scarf but I kept thinking it was going to be too long, J's is really long for a scarf, because I kept thinking it would be too short.
The Blanket was done in Joann's Sensations Rainbow Classic. One skein white, and one skein of Grey Green(I don't see any grey to be honest) and The scarves were done in Red Heart SS I'm not sure of the actual color names since I don't have the package anymore.

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