Friday, November 30, 2007

three presents almost finished.

I realized I haven't updated in a while. I might do scarves and such for the BF's half of the family but I'm not positive on that (that's 4 more if not more than that if i do nieces too.) BUT on the positive side the "I Hate My Sister" scarf is finished (J's) and the "Blue Raspberry Chocolate Scarf" is finished (A's). I did change my mind on my mom, I was going to do a hooded scarf but I decided against it and am instead making her an afghan, its almost finished and I will post pictures of all three and probably a pattern once I'm finished with the afghan. If BF has to work tomorrow (or even if he doesn't) the "Summer Garden Granny Lapghan" will be finished.

In other lights the afghan that I've been working on for a while is getting frogged. BF and I are in the process of frogging it now. It just turned into a way to heavy way to pointless piece of work. It didn't NEED to be as thick as it was, and by the time I finished it, it would have probably been mid summer so I'm frogging it and making a giant granny square once we finish frogging and I finish the Xmas presents I'm going to do. I should have pics up and ready for you tomorrow,as well as the patterns.

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