Saturday, September 29, 2007


So I went and picked up the camera and took some pictures of my current WIP and my completed scarf. I still have the mesh scarf WIP that I'm thinking about doing. The afghans had probably 5 - 8 hours of work invested in it (the lighter is there for size.) its folded in half and then folded up at the right corner. otherwise I could'nt get the full thing on the camera. like I said its a queen sized afghan. its all being done in single crochet with two strands. the scarf is a double crochet with one strand. I have no idea what kind of yarn was used for the scarf(gifted, lable-less, scrap) but its decently soft. the afghan is being done in 100% acrylic simply because its a big project, acrylic is cheap, and therefore i can afford to mess up without having wasted x ammount of cash on the thing. After I finish this afghan I'll be doing a double crochet cotton afghan. If I have some decent scrap left over I may try my hand at a ripple or something else random. I've got 14 skeins of yarn dedicated to the ghan, but since I'm using two strands at once, I have more along the line of 7. hopefully that will be enough. Well thats all for now, I need to go decide if I'm going to do that mesh scarf or not!

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