Sunday, September 30, 2007

Simple Afgahn and Scarf Pattern(pictures below)

They're both extremely easy patterns as I'm a fairly new crocheter but I'll write them out for you In case your interested for length or anything such as that.

One skein easy Scarf
Size N hook

Ch 101
DC in second chain from hook
DC 100 times then turn.
6 rows of DC then end.

Decide on a fringe length ( I did my length by taking the yarn and wrapping it around my elbow through my thumb, similar to how you commonly would with an extension cord, then cut it into 2 halves for a total of 40 strands)
cut 40 strands, place strands of 4 on the ends where you would like them to be placed(I really just guessed here)
20 strands on each end.

Easy Single Crochet Afghan
This pattern is made using 2 strands and a size N hook
Worsted Weight Yarn 5oz/141g/244y/223m PER COLOR, PER STRAND(see color directions)
ch 203
SC in second chain from hook
SC 201 times
Turn CH 1 (this counts as your first SC and your 202nd stitch)
SC in second > from hook

the colors:
I did the colors simply, I didn't want minuscule stripes but I didn't want a single color afghan either. I chose contrasting colors since I was using single color yarn (for multi colored yarn you don't really need to do this, just start off on different colors unless you want the little blocky pattern that multi colored yarn tends to give crochet then start on the same color.) I chose one skein of each color I wanted to use for the first block, in my case black and purple. to make the color blocks simply use the first two colors until you finish a row BUT cannot finish the next row. (this will create some scrap, which for me i will probably tie together to make a border)
To change the colors when you reach the color change point:
finish last SC YO with the new color/colors, use that for your CH 1.

I hope thats clearly explained if anyone has any questions let me know in comments where you are having issues and I will try to explain it more clearly.

Alternate Afghan Directions
If you want the ridged look at the top of your afghan follow the same directions BUT for the first 10 rows SC in the BACK LOOP ONLY. In all honesty I was used to crocheting in BLO but decided to try crocheting under the loops instead, and didn't feel like frogging the whole thing when I decided I liked that look better. THIS WILL CREATE TENSION ISSUES. they're not horrible but you may wind up asking yourself "am I accidentally adding a stitch?" chances are you are not but count your stitches anyway. I've stopped myself every other row since I changed the way I stitched and asked myself that same question and in turn counted and i wasnt.

My Afghan is wonky! now what?
Block your work! If its only a little bit wonky, try just stretching it straight and square / rectangle. You can also (DEPENDING ON THE YARN YOU USE) toss it in the washing machine, then toss it in the dryer, when its NOT fully dry, pull it out and stretch it to the right shape you want then let dry. DONT FORGET TO WEAVE IN YOUR ENDS FIRST!

I only want to use one strand of yarn on the afghan, two strands makes it feel too much like a rug!
First, if you want a thicker afghan and WANT to use two strands, but dont want it to feel like a rug, make a swatch (ch 10 make 5 or so rows with SC finish off) and wash it like you plan on washing the afghan. I'm using 100 % acrylic and was TERRIFIED it was going to feel more like a rug, i stopped after about 25 rows of SC and made a swatch and tossed it in the washing machine, it loosened up a bit and softened up a bit and felt much less like a rug.
If you just DONT want to use two strands:
take your corresponding hook size (you can look on your yarn package for this) and adjust your Chain length to the length you desire. This afghan is worked vertically (from top to bottom) so you want a length that will cover the amount of space you want left to right (I.E. laying across your lap.) If your looking for an afghan to go on your bed in place of a comforter/duvet or in addition to that here are the sheet sizes for each bed which will give you an IDEA to go on, if possible ALWAYS measure to your bed to see if it fits how you want.
Sheet Measurements

Twin 39x76 inches
Twin X-Long 39x80 inches (generally college dorm room mattresses)
Full 54x75 inches
Queen 60x80 inches
King 78x80 inches
Cal-King 72x84 inches

Hopefully I explained myself clearly again if you have any questions or discrepancies with the patterns (THEY HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED I'M THE ONLY ONE WHOSE MADE THEM) leave me a comment and I'll try and clear it up as best I can for you.

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