Saturday, September 29, 2007

First post Wohoo!

Well I guess I should introduce myself! My name is Dana and I'm a full time mom at the moment while I search around for a job. I just recently had surgery on my knee (which found nothing) so I'm in physical therapy to try and fix what is hopefully wrong (again). I picked up crocheting from a friend not to long ago and thats mainly what this blog is going to be aimed at, of course there will be some random real life stuff but I'm going to keep the drama of my real life out of here (that goes in a separate blog). Well now you know me!

My current crochet WIP's are:
queen sized afghan ( ~15%)
mesh scarf(0.5% so far I've only thought of the idea)

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Knitty Witty Woo said...

I love the fact that your mesh scarf is 0.5% complete as you've just thought of the idea.
Getting the idea is the hardest part.
I have an offset mesh scarf in my Ravelry projects that is really esy to do and quick too.