Wednesday, November 7, 2007

News on the Afghan, and starting on christmas!

Well, after a lot of thought I decided not to frog the afghan after all. I'm about two more lines in than I was last time but its just kind of sitting there as I havent been crocheting as much lately due to real life. I just started working on Christmas presents today and unfortunately its going to be an annoyingly long process. I'm going to have to make at least 8 if not 12 different scarves. I've already gotten the ones for my mom and sisters set up but I still have to think of colors for my MIL, and SIL x 4. My oldest sisters will be a verigated blue and brown (its actually really pretty) yarn with alternating black stripes, my other sisters is verigated brown, tan, and white with alternating black stripes. For my mom its probably going to be the two verigated colors together but im not quite positive on that yet.

The first scarf I've started on is kinda wonky at the moment, I'm steadily making the stitch bigger (HDC>DC>TR>TRTR) then decreasing the stitch the same way only opposite (TRTR>TR>DC>HDC) the only difference is theres only going to be one line of TRTR stitch. hopefully its just my tension being wonky. I went one hook size up for my CH but i probably should have gone 2 up. Hopefully with the decreasing it will tighten it up and ill lose some or most of the wonkyness. If not then I'll just have to keep this scarf for myself and give my sister a different one.

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