Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Frogging the afghan

OK so last weekend I had a ton of free time and worked really hard on the afghan. I finished the bright blues and pinks then moved on to my next two verigated yarn strands, finished those and then moved on to the next set of verigated yarn strands. I havent worked on it since. Its not that I dont WANT to its that I'm annoyed with it. Its taking up a huge ammount of yarn so I think I'm going to frog the entire thing and start over. It doesnt lay right, it has virtually no drape to it since its soooo thick. I would start fresh with the other yarn and just put that project on hold for now but unfortunately the color i want to start with (black) i only have one other skein of that i decided to experiment with (stick + yarn + power drill = well thought idea but complete disaster!) is a complete and utter tangled mess. I think I'm going to head off and look at my yarn and decide to frog or to start a brand new ghan. I have probably 12 other skeins i can use instead.

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