Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just realized in one of the pictures below you can start to see dark marks on the treadles of my wheel from where my feet sit. I thought that my camera picked them up and you couldn't actually see them, but you can. Mainly? I'm a bare footer. I hate shoes, they hurt my feet and make my toes go numb. I've knit one pair of socks and was completely baffled as to what to do with them. I don't usually wear shoes so... what does someone who doesn't wear shoes do with socks?

I decided they could be worn around the house, and they're great on the carpet, though I am a bit prone to falling on the linoleum and wood.

Anyway, I found the receipt for my wheel, and it wasn't 320! The whole purchase was $320, the actual wheel only cost $290, but I bought some alpaca with it and with VA sales tax it came out to $321.05 total. Aside from my fiance's XBox 360 I've never spent that much money at once before.

Yesterday I spun up 311 yards of wool. It varies from lace weight to worsted weight, and hits everything in between. I made it like that so that hopefully it will be turned into a felting project, either by me or someone else. Its a local wool and it has a significant amount of guard hairs in it, so it isn't suitable for next to the skin wear (unless you are a masochist or you have someone you really want to torture)but I'm not sure if it would be good for next to the skin wear even if it didn't have the guard hairs. Well anyway I don't feel like messing with pictures at the moment (i've got some nicer fiber to spin) but I will update with them later if I have the chance!

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