Sunday, March 9, 2008

dyeing-to sell

So I dyed some more yarn yesterday (5 skeins) with some acid dye this time, and these ones will be going on my etsy shop. I tried to post this yesterday but unfortunately my internet took a crap on me until earlier today. My etsy shop is not set up yet so if you go dont expect to see these up for sale yet, I'm still in the process of reskeining them. They should be up in the next couple days, at the same time I'll put them up on ravelry for all to see. anyway on to the pics!

Here they are drying and here are the first four skeins. They turned out about how I wanted, not the GREATEST, but not horrible either.

Heres the last one, it really did not turn out how I wanted but it still looks decent enough that I hope it sells.
My Etsy shop will be up and running as soon as I figure out shipping and all that jazz. Blogger is being stupid as it wont let me post more then 1 picture at a time. This is getting posted at a 11:00 pm and I've been working on posting it since 9. =\ Damn you blogger.

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